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celebrities that don t wear panties

10 celebrities who don’t wear underwear

Hollywood is stuffed with celebrities who definitely have Strange mindsets. They are frequently known for pondering exterior the box, which also appeals to loads of notice in general public and social media marketing. We’re all knowledgeable that s*x tapes and commencing Twitter battles had significant roles in creating the careers of several celebrities, they usually feel that any publicity is sweet for them. And now the latest craze among the stars is going outside without any underwear, and the two Guys and women are participating in this. Check out these 14 individuals who prefer to ditch their underwear and they are at ease in just their trousers, shorts and skirts even in the community.

1. Kim Kardashian

This probably is not a surprise to our readers, considering that her Twitter and Instagram photos and the leaked homemade adult video have been the highlights of her stardom. This woman is constantly thinking about catching others’ attention. Hence she obviously wouldn’t wear underwear and restrict people from looking at her body on which she had spent quite a few bucks. And her two sisters, Kendall and Kylie have started taking lessons from her on how to make the headlines on magazines and news channels by posting “breaking the internet” pics.

2. Rihanna

Ever since her career started, Rihanna has never really preferred to wear too many clothes. She just puts on something before leaving home. And for such a woman, wearing underwear in public is a nightmare. So she usually ditches those panties, since they probably curb her freedom. Obviously, when she is dressed in a skirt, a breeze can do quite some exposure, but she doesn’t care about that.

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