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celebrities that don t wear panties

10 celebrities who don’t wear underwear

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez loves baring her body, so obviously wearing panties isn’t an option in her mind when she is going out. To be honest, she has such a sculpted behind, which wearing panties probably won’t do it justice. Besides, underwear doesn’t match with the kind of hot dresses she usually wears.

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry not only is a good singer but also has an excellent sense of fashion. She often comments that her religious upbringing is the main reason why she wears such hot outfits nowadays. Katy has a strange image, on one side, her music is good and kind of makes her look like a “good fun girl” while in other cases, some of her pictures taken in public without even panties make her sound like a rebel. After all, she needs attention as well just like her friend, Miley.

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