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celebrities that don t wear panties

10 celebrities who don’t wear underwear

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda used to be a high-end model earlier but has now become an actress. She has been seen a couple of times on the red carpet without any underwear, which means that most probably she ditches them in her regular life as well. Considering that she was married to Orlando Bloom for several years, we can’t help but wonder what his reaction was to her not wearing panties outside.

6. Jon Hamm

Hamm has become quite famous as an actor, but photos of some of his outfits have impressed women all over the world, mainly because of his dimensions below the belt. This also caused a lot of controversy in the “Mad Men” set since producers didn’t like the idea of him going commando, as it would be too revealing for the public.

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is probably one of the most famous rags to riches stories in the history of Hollywood, and while her career hasn’t moved forward in the past few years, she still is quite popular on social media. She is often seen without panties at various functions, and some people believe that it’s her attempt at gathering attention. But to be honest, she is a bit too old to try this kind of stuff.

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