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celebrities that don t wear panties

10 celebrities who don’t wear underwear

10. Maitland Ward

She is a young Hollywood actress and has no problem in wearing revealing clothes. And that’s why she doesn’t wear underwear. Most of her dresses have been designed with the intention of drawing attention, and she has been quite successful in that as well.

11. Karlie Kloss


Considering that she used to be a model for Victoria’s secret, it is no surprise that she can make a great impression, and the easiest way to do that is by not wearing underwear. Wearing underwear would be a problem here, since considering the kind of sheer dresses she usually wears, wearing panties would make the easily visible.

12 Kendall Jenner


Considering Kendall is Kim Kardashian’s sister, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. She has recently become an adult, and since then, she is always posting pictures on social media, often without any underwear on.

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