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how to study abroad in Switzerland for free

There is little doubt that European country is one in every of the foremost stunning countries at intervals Europe. Home to quite eight million residents, the country’s best universities attract multitudinous prospective students searching for quality education.

Switzerland at a look(how to study abroad in Switzerland for free)

Switzerland is home to way more than chocolate and cuckoo clocks. Spectacular Alpine mountain ranges ar flanked by crystal-clear bodies of water like Lake Geneva. you may even be certain a treat with regard to the culture to be found here. The history of European country are often derived back to a minimum of 450 BCE and these lands are occupied ever since. because of influences of close nations like France, Italian Republic and FRG, this country boasts a really international flavor; the country’s four official languages ar German, French, Italian, Romansh (with just some sixty,000 speakers today).

how to study abroad in Switzerland for free
how to study in switzerland

Universities in the European country

You will often see several Swiss universities within the world’s prime a hundred hierarchical universities – most notably ETH city, EPFL, the University of the city and also the University of Geneva.
ETH Zurich, with a transparent specialize in technology, is common thought-about the simplest university in the European country. Originally supported in 1855, it’s famed for its stylish analysis and its big range of courses in several areas of science and technology. There are quite nineteen,000 students listed here, with nearly four-hundredth international students.

The École Polytechnique Fédérale Diamond State city (EPFL) was incorporated in 1853 and, like ETH, specializes in technology. the bulk of courses are offered in French, however, there are several Masters and degree programmes offered in English.

With some 55,000 students, the University of a city is that the largest establishment of upper education within the country. you’ll select from a variety of courses as well as science, law, philosophy, theology, medicine. several of their Master’s degree programmes are offered in English.

Founded in 1559, the University of Geneva is that the third oldest university in the European country, and conjointly the third largest, with around sixteen,000 students. four-hundredth of the coed body is international.

The cost of living and finding out in the European country
Swiss universities are heavily subsidized by the govt. That primarily means tuition fees are slightly lower compared to different nations. Still, let’s confine mind that the tutoring fees related to non-public universities can ordinarily be over their public counterparts. However, the European country is one in every of the foremost dearly-won countries in Europe, with the very high price of living; particularly once watching major cities like Geneva or city. therefore take care to budget your finances properly.

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