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How To Apply To Study In Norway | How To Apply For Free Study In Norway

How to Study in the Norway

With over 15,000 overseas nationals enrolled at universities in Norway, the range is one of the central strengths of the relatively reputable Norwegian academic machine.

Admission and studying

In Norway, publications commonly start from August. Universities set their application cut-off dates between December 1 (the previous 12 months) and March 15, even though a few schools may additionally have “pre-qualification” closing dates. if you want to return to Norway to your diploma, do your research early to make sure you don’t pass over software dates.

academic and formal admission necessities are set by the colleges. in case you plan to apply for a grasp’s degree in Norway, you could have to expose that your previous educational schooling consists of publications that amount to at least one-and-a-half of years of studies in an associated challenge.

How tons does it fee to study in Norway?

Public universities in Norway do usually not charge training costs. There are prices to join the scholar association, which additionally will pay for the tests on the quiet of the semester. but that won’t set you again extra than 600 NOK (around 60 euros). additionally, those fees additionally ring with them many blessings together with on-campus health offerings, counseling, access to sports centers, as well as decreased expenses for public transport and cultural-sports. private universities, not being funded via the nation, do reserve the right to price training prices – frequently as excessive as in different nations in Europe. however international students will in no way pay more than Norwegian-born college students.

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What’s the feel of living in Norway?

but at the same time as you may look at in Norway training-unfastened, that doesn’t suggest that life as a pupil comes reasonably-priced on this Scandinavian USA .. In truth, when it comes to the price of dwelling, Norway is a number of the most costly international locations in Europe – and that could far offset the money saved on lessons.


aside from the first-class of its schooling, Norway gives a completely unique experience for nature lovers. you’re in no way far from the coast with its fantastic fjords; in no way, a ways from awe-inspiring hiking or snowboarding warm spots; and you get to enjoy the middle of the night solar inside the summer, and exciting snowy winters.

Universities in Norway

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